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Systematic  Kinesiology is the practice of using simple, safe and precise muscle testing in order to find imbalances within the body, which can vary between physical, chemical, emotional and energetic symptoms.

The principle function of Kinesiology is to address the underlying cause of the problem in order to balance the person as a whole.

In this manner, Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of healthcare, allowing the body to reveal what it needs via a muscle response.

How it works:

During the treatment session, the client will lie on a table fully clothed and limbs will be placed in specific and easy positions to isolate a particular muscle. Gentle pressure will be applied for a few seconds with resistance from the client. If effort is involved it means that the muscle is not firing optimally, thereby reducing the energy efficiency for that muscle. This can leave the muscle open to injury or fatigue.

Treatment may include:

*massaging of specific lymphatic points

*meridian directional flow

*acupuncture points

*checking nutritional supplements

*emotional techniques

*food or dietary link

*numerous Kinesiology techniques

Generally, improvements can be seen within the first three appointments, although this may take longer, depending on the severity of physical or emotional problems.

It is likely that you will be recommended a course of nutritional supplements, these play a vital role in helping your body back to it's optimum balance and well being. These will be charged separately.

Supplements are available from:

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